A bold, yet gentle body of art is coming together on a Jerusalem side street. These artworks spring from the hearts of three women artists, who have joined forces and work together under one roof.

Their work is authentic, It is also original. their artwork stems from within – bringing you the personal expression of inspired creativity, and the brushstrokes of joyful harmony.

Nechama Shaish Sari Lanzizky,and Brachi Brilofsky, , spent years learning from professionally trained artists and continue perfecting their craft to this day, constantly learning new techniques and secrets of the trade.

As the three women paint side by side, they enjoy developing their artistic sensitives through mutually constructive feedback.
The creative experience heightens their awareness of the beauty around them, and they draw on their talents and natural surroundings to express themselves on canvas.

Nechama Shaish is an experienced, veteran artist with a distinctive, abstract-modernist style that brings together varied techniques.Nechama is so grateful that Hashem has given her this incredible gift.
Today she is well known, everywhere for her eclectic as well traditional blending of colors and capturing the nuances of the people and places of Israel.

s.lanzizky follows specific parameters with her artwork, utilizing a range of modern techniques that engage the viewer’s eye. She specializes in portraits and Jewish works of art, and has dabbled in other genres, too, with much success, B’H.

Brachi Brilofsky has a more modernist, abstract style, that is fascinating when used for Judaica works of art. She also creates other kinds of fine art. With her distinctive brush, she pours paint onto canvas, creating a masterpiece out of mayhem. Her paintings have a lyrical magnetism which invites the viewer to engage with them and discover the profundity within.

All prints can be produced on various media: Art Canvas,
HD Aluminum and Plexiglass, and are museum quality.

Framing and delivery
service available

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Bring your treasured photos back to life Combine the nostalgia of old photo imagery With the magnificent beauty of fine art…

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